Meet the Engineering Team

Mike Perham

@mperham · mperham

Mike is Director of Engineering at The Clymb and a long-time Rubyist and open source developer. He wrote and maintains the Sidekiq and Dalli gems, has spoken at numerous conferences including RubyConf and OSCON and loves to race his motorcycle at Portland International Raceway when not coding/blogging/tweeting.

Moxley Stratton

@moxicon · moxley

Moxley is an Application Engineer at The Clymb. His background includes rich internet applications development with JavaScript as well as traditional full-stack web development using Java, PHP and SQL. He is an early adopter of MVC, Ajax, and the Clojure programming language. Moxley maintains the Modern Merchant e-commerce platform. His interests include backpacking, snowboarding, AI, and electronic music production.